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Trance Masturbation Goddess

Trance Masturbation Ice Princess Alyssa 1-800-601-6975


The Blizzard of 2016 is fully underway and the first full moon of the New Year shines luminous in the sky. I am your Trance Masturbation Princess of Snow and Ice and I am very powerful on this special night. I have the magic touch of cold, snow and frost. My essence rides along the pale moonlight that trickles into your bedroom window illuminating shadows of fat snowflakes falling lazily around your room. My supernatural presence pushes your mind into an intensely lucid dream.

Falling Under My Icy Enchantment

You see me gliding across the room towards you. My glowing white hair appears to float around me as though under water and my light blue eyes sparkle with anticipation. Entranced by my bewitching smile and eerie beauty. I trap you with one ice cold kiss on the lips. Instantly the world falls away as my snowy essence surrounds you in a world wind of snowflakes and ice crystals. While you stare deep into my eyes any thought of resisting your beautiful masturbatrix melts away for your body no longer belongs to you.

Slipping Deeper for Me

Slipping deeper and deeper under my enchantment your body and your cock become alive with brilliant sensations and you feel yourself falling completely under my seductive spell. You feel my icy fingers begin to explore your body learning every sweet spot savoring the texture of your warm skin. You shiver from the cold as the temperature in the room continues to drop from my ghostly presence. Your breath is visible in short puffs, as I repeatedly build you up and soothe you down, wickedly bringing you to the edge and then coaxing you away. By delaying your orgasm over and over again, I pull you even deeper into my trance. Your pleasure belongs to me now pet. You are now my trance masturbation slave,  hopelessly lost in my icy grip, chained by snowy pleasure and frosty bliss.

Trance Princess of Snow and Ice


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