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Goddess Alyssa 1-800-601-6975

I know you want to eat cum

Does your mouth water at the thought of swallowing cum? Yes I know you want feel it on your face, taste it between your lips and swallow it down your throat. You think about it all the time, secretly licking your own pre-cum to get a little glimpse of that yummy taboo taste.  That forbidden desire to savor the salty sweet load of another man’s spunk. You never imagined that I would trick you into eating cum.

Cunnilingus Cum Eating (Cream Pies)

Ooo, Cunnilingus, that’s such a naughty word. But that’s exactly what you’re about to do my pet. Looking up at my pussy as I straddle your face, you see those pretty pink lips are slick and glistening with pleasure. After hours of teasing your cock, I finally allow your tongue to slide into my pussy. Unaware of the cream pie that awaits you, you’re eager to worship your mistress with your mouth. As I rock back and forth on your face, I begin squeezing the wet thickness of my lover’s cum into your mouth. Mmm, that’s it swallow it, indulge in it.  I ride your face nice and slow allowing you to savor that salty sweet taste you’ve been craving. Slurp slurp slurp, that’s such a good boy. You may have even begun to realize it’s way more than my cum, you’re happily slurping up. But you are unable to stop yourself, finding yourself in total bliss.

Congratulations my pet you’re a cum eater now! You licked it and you loved it. Don’t worry there will be plenty more where that came from!