Hello boys, you really know how to spoil me. You brought Goddess Worship to a whole new level this Valentine’s Day. Spoiling me relentlessly with gifts and pampering me with thoughtful little love notes on this special day of love. And I know you DO love your Goddess.  I’m feeling so wonderfully refreshed and relaxed as a Princess should be. You know I deserve it and you know I am worth it. I was able to speak to a few of you before Valentine’s Day and as a special assignment I told you to edge for me on and off throughout the day.  After all, edging and denying that horny cock is the utmost act of Valentine’s Day Goddess Worship

I couldn’t stop thinking about you stroking that cock while I was at the spa, receiving a massage from head to toe. Imagining you standing in front of me with your cock weeping pre cum and throbbing at full attention. Dripping for me as you stroked for my pleasure and entertainment. All for me. I imagined myself every so often teasing the tip of your cock watching it twitch in a silent plea for release. Absentmindedly grazing my fingertips over your balls with one hand while sipping on a glass of wine. Pouring some of that wine over your cock and smirking as I command to stroke some more.

It is just so fascinating watching you come so close to that mind blowing orgasm only to be yanked back by my teasing voice telling you no. Watching you fight for control and seeing you almost lose it as my giggles at your predicament reach your ears. Because you know it only feels good when Goddess says yes. That keeping your cock hard and achy. Keeping your balls heavy and full while I’m doted on is really what Valentine’s Day Goddess Worship is all about.

Now I want to know how many times did you edge for Goddess? Are you ready for permission to cum? Do you think you’ve earned it? It’s time call me and test your luck. I might allow you to cum.. maybe *grins*

Valentine's Day Goddess Worship Goddess Alyssa