You’ve all been waiting for it! Here it is! The next scene in our cuckold roleplay fantasy where YOU decide what happens next! Thanks for the awesome responses and I have to say, boys, you all have very dirty minds

Alyssa was out with her friends tonight. There was no telling when she would be back if she came back tonight at all. He watched her do her hair and makeup  and even helped her zip up the tight black lace dress she put on.  So he had the entire evening to himself. As much as he loved his wife, he had come to enjoy these times to himself.  He could taste the excitement the evening would bring. He took off of his clothes and carefully placed it on the hanger in the full walk-in closet, where the many shopping bags from the day were still stacked on top of each other waiting to be unpacked.

Larry the Panty Sniffercuckold roleplay fantasy

Shopping bags weren’t the only thing on the floor. Larry picks up a pair of Alyssa’s delicate pink lace panties and brings them to his nose inhaling deeply. How he loved to sniff her pretty panties and rub that delicate silk against his skin. Knowing the little cotton crotch of those panties rubbed against her panties just a few hours ago made him tingle with excitement! Mmm, what would it feel like to have the crotch of those panties rubbing against the head of his cock. What would it look like in a pair of Alyssa’s sexy little underthings?

Larry Puts on Panties

A few minutes panty boy Larry later stood front of the bedroom mirror in a pair of delicate lavender stretch lace cheeky briefs. Putting his hands on his hips, he admired just how girly his ass looked those panties. He shouldn’t be proud of that fact, but he realized that he was! His little cock made barely a bump in the panties, so embarrassingly small! He gently tucked his little prick between his legs hiding it effectively and giggled.

“Oh my did he just giggle like a girl?!” A feminine voice from the doorway said.

“Wow is he wearing panties?” Another feminine voice said.

Hahahaha, poor Larry ready to find out what YOU decided next. Check back and find out Larry’s embarrassing fate!