Increase your cum load


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I Want You to Increase Your Cum Load for Me

So you’ve discovered by now just how much you love to eat your cum for me. I’ve had lots of cum thirsty sluts ask me “How can I increase my cum load for you Goddess?” You don’t know just how happy this question makes me! My horny sluts wanting to guzzle their biggest load for their Prick Tease Princess.

You don’t have to be a cum eater to want a big load. It feels good to stroke for me and when I finally do grant you permission to cum, of course, you want to blow the biggest load every single time. How hot is that?

Say NO to Supplements

While there are many supplements that claim they can increase the amount of semen your body produces. Most of them haven’t been evaluated or proven to be anything more than expensive vitamins. Some could even have not so fun side effects. Save your money for phone sessions with me *giggle*. I prefer the two natural tried and true methods that are sure to increase your cum load.

Water is the Secret to Semen

Drink plenty of water. Your Princess commands it. Staying well hydrated not only improves your stroking stamina and circulation but it is also directly related to how much of that delicious gooey jizz your body creates. You should try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Caffeinated and spirit drinks contribute to dehydration so you should definitely limit the amount your intake of these beverages!  Think of it as part of your cock stroking or cum eating regimen.

Edging & Orgasm Denial Priming

Giving your body time to replenish between cum eating and stroking sessions is very important! After all, your cock, your cum, and your pleasure belong to me! Edging and orgasm denial play a crucial role in saving up that yummy cream filling. Edging and delaying your orgasm under my guidance will not only prime your cock for producing, it will also intensify your orgasm in the most spectacular way.  Hmm, unless of course I decide to ruin your orgasm… Hahaha, wouldn’t that be a bummer *giggle.

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