The sky is falling…

Just kidding! I promise you the sky is not falling! It’s Masturbation May, and it is the perfect season for me to begin regularly updating my post here again. I had a crazy spell  of writer’s block but having to slow down and chill for a while helped a lot with that. I really missed interacting with you through my post on here. It gives me a way to connect with you between calls and keep you wrapped around my finger or under my pretty feet right where you belong. Even if you’re not a caller and you lust from afar I enjoy making you weak for me in so many ways.

Masturbation May

Welcome to Masturbation May: Quarantine edition. I know many of you are either stuck at home and finding you have a lot less opportunities for privacy. Don’t worry because Ms Brighton put together a Masturbation May blog train. Make sure you thank her for your penis torment when you get a chance!  *Giggles* actually… that may contribute to your blue balls. Oops! You can start here and look forward to an cock teasing post from a different Mistress every day! Have fun boys