Miss Rachel Is Enchanted With Our New Prick Tease Princess!
Alyssa Will Drive You To The Edge of Erotic Torment!

A Guest Post By Miss Rachel of www.sensual-domme.com

Hello, Horny Readers!

Familiar greeting in an unfamiliar place? Yes, it is Miss Rachel, here as a guest poster on Miss Alyssa’s blog. I’m like many of you in that I have enjoyed reading Her delicious cocktease fantasies and erotic Femdomme reflections with relish ever since She started writing about them here! Her sultry style of domination shines so clearly from the stories She relates on the page that it makes Me wish I could be a fly on the wall and listen in while She drives one of you to the edge of sanity in session! I hope that perhaps We will make that real in a two-Mistress session some day!

Looking at Her photos makes it so easy to picture the scenarios She brings to life, doesn’t it? I’ll bet that’s what many of Our pets do while reading Our blog posts, and certainly when in a Femdom phone sex session–picture their Mistress actually doing the things She writes and talks about. I’m no exception! Her look is that of the sexy, sun-kissed blonde, designed to attract the eyes of men, but Her gaze communicates just the right streak of sadism that makes it so easy for Her to use Her wiles to draw them in, tie them up, and leave them teased and denied in the end.

I’m picturing a beach scene (maybe it’s because I’m longing for summer, but for some reason, Miss Alyssa strikes Me as a summer girl). I can see one of you, lured to Her cabana at the beach by Her beckoning finger. She would look divine in a little red string bikini, wouldn’t She? And you’re helpless to hide the fact that you’re immediately at half-mast in your swim trunks. The wet material outlines the shape of what will soon be a dominated and controlled cock.

She’ll let you think you’re going to get that dick wet, but tells you She’s a little kinky, so you have to let Her tie you up first. Tie you to the tall chair that sits at the breakfast bar. Your ankles tied to the legs. Your wrists bound behind the chair’s back. You’re thoroughly secured, but you don’t yet know that it’s really your swollen cock in bondage.

She’ll pull up another chair right across from you, slide down those swim trunks, slip out of one of Her gold kitten heels, and place her tanned and immaculately pedicured foot right over that cock of yours, expertly knowing just how to rub and stroke and knead. Silly boy, you actually have the nerve to ask when the two of you are going to fuck, and She just laughs.

“I find orgasms so anticlimactic. Well, yours anyway. I much prefer you desperate and hard and throbbing. Maybe after I’ve had My fun I’ll let you cum all over My pretty little toes, but only if you promise to lick them clean.”

You’ll soon learn that getting grumpy won’t do you any good. That begging helps, but only a little bit. And of course you’ll leave later feeling teased, dominated and humiliated, with balls that won’t feel quite drained, even if She does let you cum. But you’ll also be back, sniffing around for more. Because that’s the spell this pricktease Princess will put on you!

Did that little fantasy make you hard? Give Miss Alyssa a call, and let Me know if I’m right!