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Orgasm denial is the ultimate mind fuck. Leaving you in a mindless state of submission where your only true focus is how badly you want to cum for me and how much you NEED to obey me. How long has it been since you’ve had privilege of emptying your balls for me pet? Hours, days, weeks? Does it even matter? All you know is that you will gladly endure the delicious ache of orgasm denial for me. That power is so arousing for me. When it comes to controlling your cock with my words and my voice, I am insatiable. To dance along the edge of your limits then pushing them further and further until your cock is a drooling bundles of nerves is my ultimate delight. Toying with your mind while I enjoy your sweet cries as you beg for release is so deliciously addicting. 
But lets be honest. Release is not really what you want or need. You don’t want to be released from my power.. you want to be lost to it. Down the rabbit hole of tease and denial, getting closer and closer to that sweet orgasmic pleasure only hear my lush whispers saying “NO.. not yet, pet .. just a little longer… you can do it. You will do this for me and you will OBEY.