Once Upon a Time in the Kinky Wonderland…..kinkywonderland

Where do you think dildos come from? They come from Santa’s elves of course! Yes, elves make naughty toys too! Sadly, there will be no brand new shiny dildo stocking stuffers this year, because a very naughty sissy stuffed them all in her stocking! *Giggles* This is how Ruby became the Ruby Red Bottomed Sissy!

Santa’s Little Sissy Slave

Ruby had only one job in Santa’s Workshop. Sewing the pretty panties for Santa to leave in the stockings. She was so good at what she did, this year Santa gave Ruby a promotion! In addition to sewing pretty panties, she would also polish and clean the new dildos the elves make every year!

Ruby found herself polishing and shiny dildos of all shapes and sizes! There was the two headed dildo that had two huge mushroom shaped heads connected to one base. Then there was the bent hooked dildo that curved upward! Then the long glass dildo covered in smooths spike. Ruby never knew where the elves got their ideas but she considered each and every dildo a beautiful handcrafted work of art. She couldn’t help but blush with each dildo she polished because it was a constant reminder of how tiny her sissy cock was!

Sissy Cock Sucking Temptation

One day while polishing the larger than life dildo Ruby was tempted. What would something like that feel like in her mouth. Santa and the elves were away getting the sleigh ready for the big night. No one would notice if she tried on a pair of panties. And if she tried on a pair of panties, it would only make sense to try out a dildo too! Quality assurance he told himself! Well, poor Ruby felt so girly and feminine in the panties and after the first dildo, she tried another and then another. Who knew she was such a little sissy slut!

Emasculated By Santa’s Elves

That’s how the elves found her. Riding a big fat two headed dildo with her little panties pulled to the side and her sissy clitty drooling with delight! Sissy Ruby had fucked and sucked her way through ALL of the Holiday Dildos! Now there were none left to deliver.  The elves, of course, were very cross with Sissy Ruby. All of their hard work was ruined!  For punishment, Santa decided would have to suck the cock of every single elf! As each elf pulled out their cocks ready for, Ruby realized the Holiday Dildos were molded from the elves! What Ruby looked down at her little sissy clitty. It just wasn’t fair! How can little elves make her feel emasculated and girly! And so the elves took turns pumping her little sissy mouth and pounding her little sissy bottom! With two-headed cocks, their smoothly spiked cocks, and cocks of all shapes and sizes. Every time her little sissy clitty creamed, they spanked her sissy bottom red. Of course, she squirted in her little sissy panties over and over!

And now you know how Ruby became known as the Ruby the Red Bottomed Sissy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Your next stop in this  magical journey through Kinky Wonderland will be with Mistress Daphne at EnchantrixDaphne.com, enjoy!