I am a succubus. A very beautiful enchanting creature that thrives on the ruined orgasms of men. The longer and more frequently I compel to you edge before I ruin your orgasm the more nourishing your essence is to me. And so the game of tease and denial begins.

Stroke for your Me

You’re not sure how I got there and you don’t actually see me, but you sense me. All you know is that when you awaken you’re suddenly aware of my presence in your room.  My sweet sensual voice glides over your body like soft finger tips commanding your cock to harden to a painfully aroused state.  You want to be alarmed and frightened, but very soon you find yourself completely under my seductive spell, unwilling and unable to resist. Your body recognizes its mistress and you find yourself obeying my demands for you to stroke for me.

 Edging You to Oblivion

Your cock is throbbing and your body is covered in fine sheen of sweat.  I’ve been taking my time with you tonight bringing you to the edge time after time. Coaxing and encouraging your balls are full and your cock feels like you are about to burst. You are feeling happy and excited because you know your time of edging is over and you are ready to offer up your load to mistress.  Your. Most. Powerful. Orgasm. Ever. You can feel it building now as your hips pump your cock into your eager hands. Your cum gathering in your balls and surging up into your cock.

Mistress Laughs at your Unfulfillment

Suddenly your hands are bound to your sides by an unseen force, ceasing all stimulation. Your hips buck uselessly and you watch helpless as your cock twitches and jerks with each spurt of cum in a futile plea for more attention. You look begging for me to finish you but all you hear is my fading laughter.