2 Mistress Masturbation May Promo

2 Mistress Bliss

Hello Boys

Summer is just around the corner and the weather’s not the only thing getting hot and steamy around here.  Especially when I find myself  thinking of a sexy mouth watering brunette that loves trouble as much as I do. What is Masturbation May without wreaking a little mayhem with sexy besty Brighton of EnchantrixTease.com Those of you who’ve been caught between us in our wicked web know how wild things get when we’re together!

Alyssa & Bright 2 Mistress Promo

We love getting together so much we put together a  2 mistress promo just for you lucky guys and (ahem) sissy girls *giggle*!  Starting right now, you can do a purchase a 2 mistress call with Brighton and I and you will receive 5 minutes free! Purchase a 10 minute call with us and that means we have 15 minutes to play, if you purchase 15 minutes that means we have you in our kinky clutches for 20 minutes! You get the idea

Alyssa(14) tint


We’ve Got you now… 😉

We know you won’t be able to resist our tempting team up. So the only question that remains is what are we going to do with you? Hehe, you’re going to have to calls us to find out!  Whether we are teasing your cock with our dirty words  or dressing you up and making you masturbate your sissy clitty while you watch us make out. We might paint your dick in glow in the dark paint and make you stroke with a shrunken hand! Just being in the presence of two beautiful dominant Goddess will keep you in orgasmic bliss.

We make the ultimate dynamic duo when it comes to teasing your stiff dick of destiny!