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Panty Shopping With My Panty Boy

Sneaky Panty Boy

I love to go panty shopping with my Panty Boy. Just the other day he called me from his favorite lingerie shop. Can you believe the cheeky panty slut actually sneaked away from work during his lunch break to buy panties?!  *Giggles* Well to his surprise,  I hopped onto the store’s website so I could tell him exactly which panties I wanted him to buy! I found cutest pair of red bikini panties with a heart shaped cut out in the back! Well I just had to have those for him! They were a little hard for him to find so I made him describe the panties to the store clerk, and she took him right to where they were!  He was very nervous that she would some how figure out that the panties were for him.  When we were done shopping I could hear the blush of humilation in his voice when the clerk checked him out. Turns out it was the very same clerk who help him find the special panties!

Panty Boy Soaks his Brand New Panties

Well our little spur of the moment shopping spree had my panty boy sooo excited! He couldn’t even wait to get back to work to try them on! Nope he went right to his car and slipped into his brand new panties. Oh the way the soft silky material rubbed against his cock, they were soaked in his pre-cum in no time at all! Believe me I know because he sent me pictures. It’s a good thing he has a private office because, it only took a few minutes of masturbating and his panties were a complete mess. We definitely have to work on that!

Your Prick Tease Princess

Enchantrix Alyssa


2 comments to Panty Shopping With My Panty Boy

  • Peter

    I went shopping also. I went on my own as I bought women’s legging/yoga pants as well as 2 bras. I was so hard walking in there. Salesgirl asked if I needed help and I showed her leggings/yoga pants on phone. She asked what size and I told her xl. She called me dear and showed me yoga pants/leggings. The next time I walked in she greeted me as I came in. I think she knows items are for me as I told her my size. I didn’t say they were for me but if she called me dear and greeted me I think she knows. I also received my 2 pair of women’s knee high boots and they fit. I tried them with leggings and couldn’t believe how they looked on me. I want to wear them to next trip to salon but with leggings it will show my boner:(. I’m going to start buying more women’s workout fear as well as clothes. I’m starting 21 day fix to lose weigh to get lean, ripped and for into women’s clothes.

  • Nick

    Oh my! This was simply much too hot and humiliating for me to stand. It’s like you took a page right out of my journal.

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