Tickle Torture Princess Alyssa

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Tickle That Sissy Fanny

Remember the other day when I discovered your little sissy fanny is very ticklish?! I was admiring your adorable bottom in those pretty pink ruffled butt panties. The way you were sashaying around in your frilly sissy knickers made that sweet sissy ass look so inviting 🙂 You really do have a girly bottom lol! I ran my fingers along the delicate panty band pressed against the curve of your girly ass. You squeezed your cheeks together and let out the most delightful squeal. I just couldn’t resist the temptation of tying you down and tickling you silly.

Tied Up Tickle Torment

Once you were tied up with your Sissy Fanny way up in the air. I had you right where I wanted you! Completely vulnerable to my desires. I began to tickle you relentlessly. I slid my fingers every so lightly up the back of your calves and then up between your legs to tickle that little sissy clitty. It was so funny watching you squirm and squeeze your legs together to try and get away from my naughty little hands. Then I hopped on top of you, straddling you backwards. You could feel my pussy rubbing against the small of your back as I reached down to tickle that gorgeous ass once more! Tickle Tickle Tickle and now you couldn’t get away! I took turns between tickling your ass and fondling your sissy clitty until… UH OH!! Well, we both know what happened next!  Be a good sissy girl and maybe I won’t tell EVERYONE who made little sissy creamies in their panties simply from a little tickling *giggles*

Your Goddess of Ticklish Torment 🙂