Remember my Panty Boy?

I gave my Sissy Girl a very special edging assignment  the other day. You might remember her from my previous post Shopping with My Panty Boy . Lol, yes that’s her.  We’ve taken a few more shopping trips since then and it seems that wearing panties all the time keeps my little sissy’s clitty in a constant state of arousal! You know how little sissies are when their clits are needy.

A Sissy on the Edge!

Well, you know as his Mistress, It’s my duty to cock control that needy sissy clitty and this is what happened when I checked in with him the next day!

Alyssa Enchantrix <>
to B***

Hello B***!

I was in and out yesterday, but I saw just checked out your picture and mmm,  I must say that’s a very nice panty bulge. How’s life on the edge? You haven’t sent a picture of your creamed panties so I’m assuming you have a pretty BIG load built up for me. I can’t wait!!

B***  <*******>
to Alyssa

Oh no, it didn’t go so well. I was edging the last of the three times per your instruction when things, well, got messy. I was in my car in a grocery store parking lot, discreetly working my cock through my pants. It was my third edging of the day. I was watching a short video I made for you of my cock in the panties. I filmed it in the bathroom during the previous edging about an hour before. It was very hot. I was watching it again and again, pants now unzipped, rubbing my cock through the cute, soft, panties.

Dribbles of Pre-Cum

The video showing my mouthwatering bulge and the bouncing cock popping out of the panties. I got close to cumming but backed off. The second time I did this, I backed off…and oh fuck, I’m not touching it, trying to hold back, looking around the parking lot. There are a few cars parked in nearby spaces with people in them but they are minding there own business, thank God. Still fighting the urge to cum…not touching it, but my cock is still throbbing, then I see it…the first spurt. It dribbles out because I’m holding back so much. But it looks so thick and creamy, I’m like – perfect, I’ll lick that up and not cum anymore. Right? But the sight of it and the horny thought of eating my cum which has not diminished like it normally does, puts me over the edge (no pun intended).

Hands Free Orgasm!

Without me even touching my cock, it’s an explosion! It shoots high in the air and lands on my sweater on my chest. Gobs and gobs pour out all over my cock, panties, and stomach. Must have been at least 10 thick, creamy, powerful, yummy spurts.  So I’m now in my car, looking around the parking lot, in a pair of panties, with cum all over the place. Fuck. What do I do. I wish you were on the phone with me. You would have loved it. Sadly, the desire to gobble it up was gone. I ate none and did my best to clean up so nobody would know what just happened to me as I went back to work.

I was so impressed by my sissy’s accomplishment and vivid description I couldn’t be angry for him coming without permission. However I didn’t get my pictures and so…. there were certain consequences for that 🙂