Sissy Caught making creamies

Look at you sissy boy, all prettied up in your fancy little panties and matching bra!  I must say purple is quite an adorable color on you! Is there something wrong? You seem to be squirming in those panties quite a bit. Could it be that remote controlled butt plugged that I firmly stuffed up your little sissy bottom earlier?  No it’s not you say?  Are you sure, your clitty’s not just a little bit stiff?! Well look what I have here. It’s the remote! All I have to do is press this button to activate it and guess what? I don’t even have to be in the same room! That means whenever I want to give you a little, I can do it from anywhere!  Now let’s see what happens when I turn it on!  VRRRRRRRRRRB! Ha! I knew it! Stand up so I can see that little wet spot in your panties. Tsk Tsk.. you’ve made quite a mess!

Sissy gets Her Punishment

Shame Shame Shame, sissy girl. You should know better than to tell a fib to your mistress! Now I have no choice put punish you my little butt slut. Well actually I do have a choice and I”m choosing to set that plug in your ass on full speed! Now bend over, pull down your pretty purple panties, so I can paddle your bottom red! *Giggle* Red and purple do compliment each other very nicely, don’t you think.  Now all you need to do is call and beg for my forgiveness slut!