Hello girlies. Welcome to day three of my six part guide to feminization. I  know you all are very happy to be here! First I want to thank you for sharing your comments and following along! You are such good sissy students! If you are just joining us in our feminization transformation journey, make sure you  catch up with Day One and Day Two!

Using Your Imagination as a Guide to Feminization

Earlier this week we talked about how to visualizing yourself in panties is a great way to condition your mind to conform to feeling more feminine.  It’s been a couple of days and I hope you’ve all been practicing using your imagination to wearing pretty panties.

The Pussy Exercise

I want you to write visualize your pussy. What would it look like? Would you lips flare out like the petals of a flower or be a tightly closed little bud? If you had a pussy what would you call it? What would it smell like? How big would your clit be? Would it hang out a little or be tucked in? What color would your pubic hair be? Would you have a nice neat little busy or would you keep it smooth and bald? If you need some inspiration click here to view letter from a sissy of mine who completed this feminization assignment beautifully!

Tell Me about Your Pretty Pussy

I want to know what you look like down there! Now that you’ve thought about your pussy. Remember your pussy will be unique to you and like no one else.  It’s time to call me and describe it to me in vivid detail, or if you want I can help you discover what your hidden flower looks like!

Guide to Feminization