My Favorite Way To Tease Your Prick

You know how much I like to tease and deny you – I am the Prick Tease Princess after all!  You know, though, teasing and denying you is kind of a one-way street.  I stroke and edge your cock, making you desperate, making you whine, making you beg – but what’s in it for me?  Yeah, it does make me happy to prick tease you, and it does get my creative – and other – juices flowing, but one of my favorite ways to tease your cock is while I’m sitting on your face!

The Tease Starts Before I Even Touch That Dick

I have you get naked for me, then lie down on your back on the floor.  I slowly walk along side you until I’m at your head, then I swing one leg over, straddling you.  Look up, boy.  Can you see that pretty pink pussy peaking out of my crotchless panties?  I slowly bend my knees and start to crouch down.  Then I stop, as your tongue darts out of your mouth – eagerly begging to lap at the petals of my flower.  I drop a little lower, until just the tip grazes my engorged lips – then dart back out of the way, laughing as you groan.  I keep doing that, making you beg, watching as your cockhead glistens with pre-cum, then slowly lower myself down until my whole weight is resting on your face, my thighs squeezing against the side of your head.  “Lick”, I command.

I’ll tease You While I Cum

I lean over your body, and take that throbbing hard cock in my hand and start stroking, oh, so slowly.  For every orgasm you give me, as your tongue darts in and out of my pussy, and slides over my hardening clit, I’ll speed up just a bit more. You could say I’m teasing out MY orgasms!  When my legs are shaking and I just can’t hold myself up anymore from all those wonderful, glorious cums – well, I might just allow you to have a hard, intense cum or your own.

Then again, maybe I’ll just tease you to one last edge, climb off, and go to sleep.  I am pretty exhausted!