The Ultimate Cock Control Game

Want to Play Pass the Penis? 1-800-356-6169

Want to Play Pass the Penis? 1-800-356-6169

Guess what Boy Toys and Sissy sluts?!

It’s time to play *dramatic drum roll please* Pass the Penis!

What is Pass the Penis you ask…? It’s a super fun game of cock teasing and orgasm denial where YOU are passed around from mistress to mistress! That’s right, 3 or more mistresses of your choice will take turns playing with your cock. You get to choose the Mistresses and WE get to choose what we do with your cock. Think you can handle being passed around as our helpless jerk off boy? At the end of this little game of big fun, the final Mistress may give you permission cum or leave you with an lovely case of blue balls. Mmmm, did I mention blue is my favorite color? It’s the ultimate cock control game.

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Having trouble deciding? Don’t worry, our friendly dispatchers or the sexy Mistresses at Help My Cock, our live help desk, will be happy to help you decide. If you’re feeling extra brave, tell them what kind of Mistress you’re looking for and they can pick for you!

Ready to Play?

3 Mistresses (30 minutes total): $70 ($12.50 discount)

4 Mistresses (40 minutes total): $90 ($20 discount)

5 Mistresses (50 minutes total): $100 ($37.50 discount)

We are offering this amazing discount for the ENTIRE month of August! You know what that means! You can play Pass the Penis as many times as you want all month long! Finish with your turn and ready to play again? Just hang on the line and let the dispatcher know! Just think by the end of August you may end being the lucky stroking slut that’s used by ALL of the Mistresses! I’m sure that got your attention!

Ready to play? Dial 1-800-356-6169 or click the banner below for more information.

Click here to find out how to play!

Click here to find out how to play!