Alyssa (6)

The Cocktease’s Dilemma

One of the downsides to being a Princess Prick Tease is that sooner or later, you will probably be allowed to cum.  If you’ve been a really good stroker and pleased your Mistress, I may reward you.  Maybe I’m just sick of hearing your begging and whining and I take pity on you.  See, that’s the Cocktease’s Dilemma – if I let you cum, I have to work you up all over again, to get you desperate and horny and willing to do whatever I say.  Ah-ha!  I have found a way to get that jizz out without letting you orgasm.  Prostate milking!

Cumming Without Orgasm

Now, I’ve ruined your orgasm before.  You get right on the edge, I push you just over – and then stop everything and that cum just dribbles out.  That’s Orgasm Without Cumming.  That’s what keeps you sexually frustrated, you don’t get the feeling of shooting that load.  Prostate milking is the opposite.  It’s Cumming Without Orgasm.  We get all that nasty jizz swelling your balls, making them ache, out of you, but I won’t allow you that exquisite feeling or orgasm.

A Deliciously Cruel Way To Tease

I like to get you on your hands and knees, then “SNAP!” on go the gloves (doesn’t that sound just make your dick twitch?).  I lube up that rosebud, then I slide my fingers inside you, deeper and deeper, until I find that gland, then start to rub it and massage your prostate.  It feels good, doesn’t it?  First timers are the best, the sounds they make as they feel that spunk flowing up their shaft and out the tip!  Most of my subs tell me it feels good at first, then it just drives them mad, as they feel like they’re about to cum – but never quite get there!  Not quite an edge, just a slow, simmering feeling.  Oh, and I love putting a saucer underneath your cock, so we can catch all that cum for you to eat up.  You see, I’ll milk you until your balls are dry – and we must recycle!