cock teasing you with my panties

Stroking you with my panties

You’re sweating, your cock is aching and your balls feel as if they’re going to explode.  In fact, you know that at any moment they could… except they don’t. I’ve been edging you endlessly today. I’ve been stroking you with my panties, teasing you with my panties, wickedly using them to tease and deny your orgasm over and over. Bringing you closer and closer each time until you’re so sure that this is moment I’m going to let you cum… until, ha ha ha, I don’t!

Tied Up With Pantyhose

Sitting in a chair, hands tied behind your back with a pair of my pantyhose, and your ankles tied by a pair of my thigh highs. You know the little scrap of fabric on my thongs that rubs against my pussy and my ass? Well, that’s the part that I’ve draped across your face while I’ve wrapped another pair around your throbbing cock. Up close and personal with my pretty panties and smelling my sweet intoxicating scent. Making you my mindless slave of orgasm denial.

Buy My Things

Today’s the last day you can bid on my panties.  Who will the lucky winner be? A submissive stroking slave, a sissy girl, naughty footboy or maybe a handsome stud that loves to stroke his big strapping cock while sniffing a pair of my sexy, little panties?

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