That Pindick Will Never Do

Oh, my stroker pet, I know just how badly you’d love to slide your horny little cock inside a warm wet pussy like mine. See, there’s the problem, exactly how I described it. Little. You’ve got a pindick, and that’s just not going to do for a Princess like me! Princesses like me need big, thick cock. It’s really the only thing that overcomes my natural cockteasing tendencies. I’ve got the perfect way to tease you, though – Fleshlight Guided Masturbation!

Try a Fleshlight!

Try a Fleshlight!

As Close To A Pussy As Your Likely To Get

This is one of my favorite ways to tease a horny stroker like you. I’m going to lay down here on the bed, my cute butt and my hips on top of a pillow. Then, I’m going to take that Fleshlight, and I’m going to position it between the pillow and the bed – directly below what you so desperately want – my sweet, beautiful pussy. I’ll spread my legs, and invite you up between them. Go ahead, slide that cock into my waiting Fleshlight. Go ahead, start thrusting in and out, oh, so slowly. I’m going to tell you just how I like to be fucked and guide your masturbation!

So Close…

You are so close to what you really want, aren’t you? You feel my legs wrap around you, pulling you in deeper and faster…and my hands run up and down your chest…pinching those nipples as I feel you getting close to the edge. Slow down now…ride the edge for me…then stop and relax….and when that edge fades away, we’ll start all over again! Oh, beg me to cum! I probably won’t let you,. I mean, your Princess should always cum first, don’t you think? And without a dick inside me, I don’t think that’s going to happen….Besides, I’m a prick tease. If that prick shoots it load, no more prick to tease. What fun is that?