Don’t I Deserve To Be Worshiped?

Answer carefully, my submissive pet. I control your cock, and it’s my decision whether you will ever cum again. I do deserve to be worshiped, don’t I? Oh, I knew you’d see things my way! There’s something about having a willing sub kneeling at my feet who simply wants to make me happy that makes me warm and tingly. I’ll tell you what…for every task you complete, I’ll give you a reward. One minute of stroking! And if you can get off in that one minute, I won’t even have you edge! No prick teasing from the Princess Prick Tease! Deal? Well, since you’re down there at my feet, why don’t you start there. Rub them…kiss them….lick them. That feels so good! I think you’ve earned one minute of stroking.

Alyssa (13)More Worship, More Strokes

Hahaha! One stroke every 10 seconds wasn’t enough to get you off? Well, I said I’d stroke you, I didn’t tell you how I’d do it! Now, start on my legs. Only up to my knee. Really work those calves, you have no idea how tired they are after a day in my stiletto heels! This time, I’ll give you one pump every 9 seconds. You’ve going to worship every single inch of my gorgeous, sexy body. You’ll move up my thighs – but not too high, we’re going to save all the fun bits for last! My stomach, my scalp (you have NO IDEA how relaxing and hot it is to have a man run his hands through my hair! ) Then you can start working on my shoulders and back. And every time you please your Mistress, I’ll speed up that jerking of your cock.

Now For The Fun

Mmmm, I told you I was going to leave the naughty bits for last. Go ahead, start massaging my bottom. Oh, I know what you really want to do, you naughty slut. Go ahead you can kiss my ass! There is something just slightly humiliating about that, isn’t there? By this time, we should be down to a stroke every two seconds. Oh, really try to hold out, stroker slut, because if you cum, we’re done. You really want to be able to worship my beautiful breasts don’t you? And I know how desperately you want to worship at the altar of my sweet pussy! Well, you’ll only get that if you can keep that jizz in your balls!