Here is part three in my Sissy Cuckold Fantasy Roleplay where YOU help me decide what happens next! Kisses to Petey Cream Puff for inspiring this latest installment, but I would like to thank you ALL for your input! If you are just joining us, don’t forget to check out Cuckold Roleplay Fantasy One and Two!

Sissy Cuckold Larry Meets Blakesissy cuckold

Larry stood stricken with embarrassment. He had been caught wearing panties by Alyssa and her friends! He heard a deep masculine chuckle along with the giggles. Wait.. what?! Was her boyfriend here too? Larry knew he was a cuckold, but he had never met one of Alyssa’s lovers before! And here he was prancing around in little lavender panties for ALL to see. Larry looked at the tall, masculine specimen in front of him; he was every bit the alpha stud; Larry would never be. What was his name again, Brett….Blake?? Did it even matter, there was no comparison? Next to Blake, Larry felt so dainty and humiliatingly feminine.

Larry Gets Hard in Panties

“Aww, look he has a boner.” Someone said. Larry looked down, and his face turned beet read. Sure enough, his cock had become un-tucked and was making quite the bump in Alyssa’s panties. He would never live this down. Now everyone knew he was a sissy cuckold. Amidst the giggles and outright laughter, Larry tried to make a quick exit into the closet.

“Not so fast panty boy!”Alyssa stopped him short. She looked pointedly at the colorful panties tossed about the bedroom. “It looks like you haven’t had a chance to try everything on yet and since it’s obvious you and your little cock like to wear panties… you’re not going ANYWHERE until you’ve tried on each and every single pair for us!

I have a feeling things are about to change very drastically for Larry (giggle), but that’s up to you! So you tell me, what happens next?